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No, you aren't hallucinating. I haven't posted here in over a year, but I decided it was time to come back, 'cause I miss talking to you guys, and LJ has stopped being rampantly evil.

I'm still going to be posting mostly at my JF account, and not usually cross-posting, because I have settled in and I like it there too and I'd rather give my paid accont money to them (and I feel a lot less pressure to be awesome over at JF. Because ya'll are all scary-awesome. Not that my JF people aren't awesome too, but they outnumber me less, so I am less neurotic about posting there.) However, if you *want* to follow my random ramblings at JF, there is an RSS feed for it now: melannen_jf, which feel free to friend.

But I shall be posting here once in a while when important stuff comes up that I want you guys to know about too. (See the post that shall shortly follow this one, with FREE BOOKS.) And I'm going to make a real effort to be better about commenting and posting feedback to my flist, too. So here's your warning to defriend me if you find me annoying and only kept me on because I never post!

The other places you will find me lately are Librarything Talk; and Interrobang Studios, the webcomic that my housemates and our friends and I run - I post the Friday newspost there; and any local fandomy cons and meet-ups, which I will likely be at either as a me or as an Interrobang person. And this upcoming month, also NaNo write-ins in Annapolis. Because I am crazy and, oh yeah, I moved to Annapolis while I was gone!
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Some of you may not have heard of Dreamwidth yet.

Some of you are sick of hearing about it, I am sure, in which case, skip this entry. :D

Dreamwidth is a new journaling service that is a fork of the livejournal system. "Fork" means that they changed a lot of stuff, and are taking it in a new direction, but if you're familiar with LJ, it will seem familiar. DW was started by a bunch of former LJ employees who loved LJ in principle, but didn't like the direction it was going in, and jumped at the chance to make a new service that fixed everything LJ does badly.

Dreamwidth is committed to accessibility, diversity, inclusivity, community, and free expression. They're an open source project that wants to make their code as easy to use and update as possible, they put a lot of effort into mentoring new developers, and they love cross-platform capability and making it easy to interact across websites. They want to build a business on the model of a small local restaurant, with a goal of supporting themselves, and providing good services to a loyal customer base, without aiming for giant payoffs or explosive growth. They've made a bunch of changes that make a Dreamwidth journal easier to use and better to use than any other site based on LJ. They have done many, many other things that make Dreamwidth a wonderful place to be.

I approve, obviously. I'm lucky enough to have already had some connections with the people who built Dreamwidth, and it's the site I've been looking for since I lost faith in LJ two years ago. They've already got a lot of excitement going, and a lot of people I want to read are already there.

I have a Dreamwidth account, too: . I've been posting there for about a month, helping with beta testing, and having a lot of fun. If any of you are on Dreamwidth, too, I'd love to have you back in my circle!

And tomorrow, at 9 PM EDT, they will be coming out of closed beta and opening the site to the public. You will be able to buy a paid account, or use an invite code to get a free account. There will be lots of invite codes to go around, and if you use and validate an openID account there by the time the site opens, you are guaranteed an invite code within the first few days. (You can use your livejournal account as your openID.)

Anyway, this is just to say: I have one remaining closed-beta invite code. First person to give me a good reason they need it gets it!
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Hi again all!

I have signed up for the finishathon!

What is the finishathon? "The finish-a-thon is a ficathon, with all the ficathon-like things like deadlines and fellow volunteers to encourage you, but with this ficathon, you write your own ideas. But since part of the encouragement of a ficathon is writing things for other people, what we do is vote for which story ideas people should write."

So there is now a poll up where people can vote on which story I have to spend the next month writing! Anyone with an lj account can vote in my poll here, at multific (You can vote in the other participants' polls, too - you know want to make sure Thette writes the Doctor meets the Teletubbies.)

Currently, in my poll the Torchwood/Sayers crossover is ahead by a length, but voting goes until Saturday, and none of my nine prompts are out of the running! I know there are people here who want more Harry/Hermione/Ron Casablanca AU or more Highlander Wizard of Oz AU or more Jack/Thor Norse mythology AU! Or perhaps Young Wizards, or Barrayar, or Good Omens, or Tale of the Five?

I love all of these prompts so equally that it pains me to see the vote not tied. So go, lj flist, and give the poll some suspense!
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Hi friends!

Some things of note:
I have been posting mini-mixes of Christmas songs all month; you can get them at the advent music tag on my jf. You can download them direct from my webspace, rightclick+save, and they will be up until either I want to put a new fanmix up or my sister needs the web space.

It is Agnostica! Happy holiday, all my old-time webcomics peeps! I have put my ancient Agnostica website back up. It is sad and embarassing, but it is there, and he still links to the old dead URL, so.

And on a slightly soberer note, if you requested books and have not got them yet, could you resend your mailing address to this-lj-name-at-yahoo? I seem to have lost track of a couple of addresses people sent me, because I suck at organizing type stuff. The rest of the books have gone to our local bookcrossing group to give away, who were so elated by the bounty that they held a "wallow in melannen's books" party. Apparently. They sent me pictures. So ya'll have officially lost your chance.

On that note, *obligatory yuletide panic*.
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So, we have recently cleaned out our book collection, and as a result, there are a whole *ton* of books I am getting rid of: lots of older SF particularly, but also some general fiction and some non-fiction.

If anybody on my flist wants any, I will send them to you for the shipping costs (if the shipping turns out to be <$1, like for one paperback, or I can just give them to you in person, it will be free.)

Claim them in a comment here, and then I'll get in touch to get your address and confirm your claims.

I'm not guaranteeing condition, and it's first come first serve 'cause I'm also offering these in a couple other places.

Everything tagged _togoaway in my LibraryThing account is going.
If you can't get into LT, which is kind of broken right now alas, the same list is here on my website, without all the fancy database features.
(There are ~650 books up for grabs, but you can sort the list by any of the columns to make it easier.)

Also up for grabs is what's going from my Dad's collection, here on LT, here on my webspace. Another 215, mostly non-fiction. Same procedure.

ETA: Books claimed as of 10/28 are off the list. I hope.
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more srs business.

It would be ignoble of me to use my free virtual gift to send theljstaff a report card of FAIL, right? Right. (I will be strong. Now, if they only still had the flaming bag of poo as an option...)

I just got around to updating the newbieguide XF directory, so that's one obligation no longer hanging over my head. :D Took me all night, too - since when is XF fandom active again?

Meanwhile, still posting mostly at . Still not done the Tek Jansen mood theme for it, either. I'm planning to stick around at JF long-term. I've been meaning to get more active there for ages, as I've felt less free to talk on LJ - for reasons that only have partially to do with the change in tone of the administration. It's partially to do with the way my flist here has gotten bigger and more diverse, and as a result I've gotten shyer about talking about my specialized interests. You guys are awesome, and I'm going to keep reading everyone here because I *don't* want to lose you, but I have long-standing interaction issues, and JF makes me feel free, like a particularly good feminine hygiene commercial. :P

I just used electricandroid's flist transfer cheat to friend everybody from here that had IJ and GJ accounts under the same name - let me know if I missed you (or friended a wrong journal.) I'll be checking there once a day or so, probably. I'm *not* auto-adding everyone at JF - I've had a different flist and tone there for awhile, and seriously, if I added all ya'll my list there would be way too big. If you've a JF and want to read my fan randomosity there, friend me or drop a comment and I'll friend back.

Meanwhile, I'll be commenting here. Probably more than ever, if the last few weeks are any judge. And if whoever is targeting pornish_pixies ever gets around to getting me tossed for my underage femmeslash fics from four years ago, there's always openID.
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put down your bio-plasma disruptor pistol

I spend all evening making icons in order to give myself some time off for perspective, and now LJ won't even let me load icons?

Tonight, LJ, you dine in FAIL.

(They are Tek Jansen icons, and they are excellent. I think TJ is my new fandom of happy.)

Anyway, I haven't been doing much since getting home from the vacation except for messing on the internets, messing with books, and vegetating. (Oh, and writing a resume hahaha.) I was thinking about using today to make a trip-recap post, but instead I spent it backing up my ljs and working on a JF layout - I'm afraid I'm going to wait on the vacation recap (which I'm sure you're all holding your breaths for - 1500 photos, guys!) until I've figured out a photo host I trust more than Scrapbook, or just cave and buy my own webspace from somewhere. On the upside, I've needed to re-organize my web presence for years, so maybe I'll finally get it done.

For now, I'm going to be posting nearly everything I post at jf (not that I've been posting all that much lately anyway...) I'll keep my journal archive up here for the time being, and I'll keep reading my flist and commenting as usual, at least until my paid account runs out, because I care about you guys more than I care about corporate autocracy, but I won't be posting anything but srs business, and I'll be moving content off. Anyone who wants a jf account: offer's still open. I'll also be watching gj and ij, if anyone's moved there that I don't have friended yet, let me know. (anyone want to offer me a deadjournal code? ;)

(Oh, and I also sorted out all of my self-sufficiency wilderness survival books and re-packed my go-bag, but that has more to do with watching Keith Olbermann last night than with lj's asshattery. Not that it *helped*.)

(If you want to know what I'm talking about, liz_marcs explains why a lot of people are upset. Also, ads visible to paid users! Hooray! If you want to know what to do about it, beyond leaving (fandom_flies, otw_news) and spamming news, jadelennox has some constructive suggestions (check the comments for international possibilities.))
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(no subject)

So yesterday we toured the historic fort up at Sandy Hook / Gateway NRA, and the best thing we saw was two of the Victorian gun batteries they have up there, which are right next to each other, and are named Battery Potter and Battery Granger. (Granger was, of course, faster and more long-ranging than Potter, but that's not a suprise.) Then there was the Nine-Gun Battery, which we decided of course was referring to the nine Weasleys.

Therefore our only (unspoiled!) prediction for Book 7 is that it will have a major character named Pike in it, that being the name of the last of the Sandy Hook disappearing gun batteries. (Yes, 'disappearing guns'. We've also decided that the old fort is the site of a major part of NYC's magical defenses, given the number of 'very dangerous, Muggles keep out' signs all over the old installations.)

Less awesome: We have belatedly realized that it might not be the simplest thing in the world to get a reasonably-priced hotel room on the Jersey shore in July on a Friday night without a reservation. So we may end up sleeping in the car and/or our grandfather's spare room tonight ... wish us luck.
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day 4, morning

Day Four of road trip and we're just south of Boston! We've done most of Acadia National Park over 24 hours and Southwest Harbor on Mt. Desert Island, Old Orchard Beach ME (and last night in Saco on the highway), Mystery Hill NH (aka America's Stonehenge), the largest collective of witch kitcsh in the country (aka Salem MA), and Boston by night. Yesterday is our Weird Stuff day, considering Mystery Hill, Salem, that flight of black helicopters we saw, and UFOs over Saco.

Night before last in Saco we finally saw Harry Potter 5 in Saco. It was better than the book, but maybe that's just because I saw it at a drive-in theater under the stars. :D

Tonight we need to get to Manhattan because Sister got us Daily Show tickets for tomorrow, wheee!!! Which means seven hours of driving, since we're hoping to do Cape Cod national seashore on the way. So I should probably get of the hotel internet and get us moving.

(ps I've only bought six books so far! That averages out to just two a day! And only been to three used book stores and one used book sale....)

We have lots of pictures and a few audio recordings: make me post details once I'm home.

ps2 if you want a postcard at some point (we haven't had time to sit and write yet, but maybe tomorrow in tds line) leave your address! It's screened.

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Hello everybody! I am in Maine today, on a road trip with sibling. :D We drove 16 hours yesterday and hope to camp in Acadia National National Park tonight.

(What? Didn't I mention road trip before? Oh. Been busy with packing and planning and also other adventures. Oh, and I'm a lazy, lazy person, too.)

Have still not got her to watch SPN.