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In memory of Erwin Schrödinger & for the unofficial last day of Agnostica, My Cat Hates You.

Yeah, I'm back around. Still haven't caught up from LJ for the week that I was in the wilds of Ohio, though. Particurly, I haven't narcissistically read every single yuletide recs post in hopes that somebody mentioned my story. (Which, by the way, was Earthsea fandom: Calving, and wasn't nearly as good as the story that was written for me, which was Riddle of Stars fic: Unanswered Riddles, by Rhiannon Shaw. Usually when people say "I am not worthy" it's meant as humorous exaggeration, but it this case it was literally true.) And then there's a whole bunch more fic to read and maybe even review. And *then* I might have time to do a proper New Year's update.

Or then, not. I'm taking a winter term class, 4 hours a day, on GIS. Plus substitute teaching still. Of course, after two days of class we still haven't done any actual GIS work, because the lab's software liscense expired on Jan 1st and they haven't figured out how to reinstall it yet. Yay! Ooh, and I actually used YSI for a legitimate purpose today. Okay, no, it was to share illegal copies of protected intellectual property, but it was real class readings and not fannish silliness, so it counts.

And speaking of that, I have another public-transit related ethical dilemma to throw to your collective wisdom:
Poll #645707 Ethics Poll #2

You're in a semi-public place, say, a train station or a travel plaza or a waiting room, and you see an unused, lonely electrical outlet. Is it ethical to immediately plug in your laptop/camera/phone/ipod/etc. and start using it?

No, that's stealing.
Only if you're there for a legitimate purpose. Something other than mooching electricity.
Only if nobody can see you.
Yes. It's just like a water fountain; they wouldn't put it there if they didn't want you to drink deep of precious, life-giving fluid.
Yes. After all, R2-D2 did it all the time, so it can't possibly be wrong.

There ought to be a community just for ethics polls. I would use it all the time. After all, who better to trust your integrity to than a bunch of random semi-strangers on the internet?

I am eating a leftover cheese ball for dinner & then I need to get a job for tomorrow and do homework. When there are two boxes of new (okay, fourth-hand hand-me-down) sci-fi novels sitting *right in front of me.* ETA: If you're interested, here's the contents of the two boxes. Yes, I cataloged instead of doing my reading. Bad me.
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