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When shall we three meet again?

I just got back from the first meeting of our church's 50th anniversary commemoration committee.

Is there something wrong with me that I actually had fun? Really. It was fun.

And I'm glad I went, as one of the youngest active members, so there'll be somebody who remembers this stuff in another 50 years. 'Cause they aren't going to put the best stuff in the official records. For example, I learned tonight that one of our pastors - the one who was there before the one who married my parents - quit because the secretary and president of the church council got married. Unfortunately, at the time they were *elected* to council, they'd both been married to *other* people. And nobody, including the pastor, noticed what was going on until the divorce papers were filed. "Well, he always drove her home after council meetings," says Ms. G----. "We just didn't figure out *why* until later."

Dude, that's way more interesting than who was the first Sunday School superintendant and who designed the communion service.

Anyway, other than that, stuff has been happening. Much of it involved evil cackling and conspiracy between my sister and me. Unfortunately, it also involved me not getting any homework done yet this weekend, so I don't have time to blog about it. Maybe someday. Maybe she'll blog about it and I can just link - that would be nice.
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