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In honor of learning about the Nutritional Transition, today I have eaten: a bowl of cereal, a granola bar, a soft pretzel, a cup of Instant Lunch, and some sandwich cookies. Yay, starch!
(One of the few things that makes me wish I lived on my own is the dream of having fried plantains whenever I want them. Mmmm. third world food.)

Even with all that starch, and add in three glasses of milk and a can of guava juice, it's still on the low side of the number of calories I'm supposed to get a day. But, hey, I had fruit, and sweets, and bread, and milk, and salt; the only basic food groups I was missing today were cheese and chocolate.

Anyway and meanwhile. The library book I checked out for my sustainability project has sunk to the bottom of the pile; the one about alternative uses of pharmacologically active herbs among premodern cultures, which I checked out for fic purposes of course, is turning out to be very useful for class. Typical. Plus, I found my credit card marking my place in it from two weeks ago, so now I can renew my paid lj account!

Oh, and I watched this week's House and Bones and Boston Legal tonight while sewing the gauntlets and utility belt for the Drop-Bear's costume. I got stuck on the utility belt - see, KB doesn't actually have a waist, so any sort of substantial belt just looked silly. And then I thought, what do marsupials and superheroes have in common? That's right - Pouches! So even though he's a male koala, he now has a belt with a pouch on it, and is busy trying to tell me what supplies he needs, other than boomerangs, swing line (for doing the DEATH FROM ABOVE bit) and eucalyptus leaves (which are pretty near impossible to get 'round here, but he swears are a miracle drug.)

Anyway. This week's House MD: Back in the day when I was watching Highlander reruns on Spike, I came to it knowing that Duncan/Methos was the big slash 'ship, but I was kind of meh. Yeah, they had chemistry, but Duncan had sexual chemistry with *everyone* and the occasional inanimate object, I didn't see the big deal. And then came the episode "Till Death", in which Duncan and Methos's relationship (which at the time included living together and making each other miserable) was *explicitly* set up in comparison to the A-plot, which was about marriage, and what makes a marriage last, and we were *clearly* supposed to apply that to the B-plot with Mac and Methos. At that point I said, 'okay, this has got to be intentional', threw my hands in the air and gave up.

This episode? Was House's 'Till Death'. Heck, the B-plot was *identical* in both episodes, and the A-plot was pretty darn close, given the differences between the shows. (Even the lead-in teaser: *Exactly* the same scenario!) Except that the HL episode ended with the cheerful lesson that two sociopaths in love *can* be happy long-term, as long as they work in an occasional attempted murder to rekindle the fires. House and Wilson haven't come quite that far yet, morally . q-: Now we need the episode where Wilson is reunited with his Brothers and leaves House to go off to burn and pillage.

Also, House grew up in Egypt, looking for Ancient artifacts. My Stargate/House crossover just had a conniption. Now I need to figure out how the timelines work out RE: Daniel, and rework his *entire* backstory with the Stargate program! Alas.

Bones: Lophophora williamsi! I was reading about that on the train home! I'm liking this show too much right now to get fannish about it beyond just saying LOVE. and also, LOVE. And David Boreanaz keeps showing actual acting ability, which I can't get over. I'd say something about Zack and Hodgins being cute except that the part about getting comfortable and not graduating hit a bit too close to home. q-: The X-files moment with Booth and Bones and Angela at the end was yay though. Somebody really needs to write a fic where Booth works for the same FBI that Reyes and Doggett do.

Boston Legal. Denny, just kiss him already and put him out of his misery! I can no longer believe that you aren't doing this on purpose! And the storyline with the Paul's daughter is making me rather fond of him and Brad, quite against my will. When are the DVDs coming out again?
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