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never run out of things to say

Yes, yes, i'm supposed to be doing that books-I'm-reading meme that my sister tagged me with. Only, well, I'm basically in the oppsite spot that terredancer is. It's *books*! Asking me to talk about the books I'm currently reading is essentially the same thing as asking me to explain every single thought that's gone through my brain in that time, and how they've changed the way I think, and how it connects back to other books I've read and ... and .... BOOKS!

Also, I got distracted by that fanfic that none of you flist people cared about. q-:

Anyway, these are the five books I'm currently reading, sans 50k of rambling commentary: The Lore of the Unicorn, Encyclopedia of Birth Control, Flesh of the Gods, Shards of Honor, and The Price of Blood and Honor. If you want to know more about any of them, ask in a comment, and I probably won't be able to shut up.

Also, today in stat discussion I sketched a first draft of a Sarracenia fairy, next in the series that started with the Dionaea fairy that ya'll mocked (to your peril) in the icon discussion. So perhaps I will get back to drawing a bit - at the church meeting on Sunday I also drew a sketch of Barbara Gordon with Methos at swordspoint, which is the first time I've ever drawn a) a wheelchair or b) a swordfight that didn't look horrid and static. Of course, if I try to draw it over on non-lined paper it'll *still* look horrid and static, but them's the way it goes.

RANDOM POLL TIME: I was listening to the radio on the way home and Story of a Girl was playing, and of course I was trying to vid/songfic it in my head (totally Wilson/Cameron, by the way) and suddenly a name flew up into my mind out of nowhere. And I want to see if anybody else remembers who she is.

Who is Emmeline Granger?

Looking at the answers or using a search engine is totally cheating. Using paper books or Project Gutenberg is fine, though. Hint: she was one of the first (and finest) examples of the modern Goth Chick archetype in Western literature.
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