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NaNoWriMo header post

It's a week and a day until NaNo, so it's high time I made my annual NaNo header post.

For anyone (is there anyone?) who doesn't know what NaNo is, National Novel Writing Month is a huge yearly challenge, the terms of which are to write 50,000 words of story in exactly thirty days, in the month of November. This will be my fifth year so far. (My NaNo registration number only has four digits. I feel *old*.) So far I've yet to break 10,000 words, but I'm doing it a bit differently, so I have 'opes. Feel free to nag me when I start to slack off.

Anyway, this year I will be posting my nano work locked, tagged, filtered, and hopefully daily, on this lj. If you want to read, nag, beta, mock, heckle, kibitz, or just watch, this post is your one-month chance. Speak up and I'll add you to the filter, even if you aren't already on my flist. (Some of you will be added even if you don't speak up, particularly if you're doing NaNo, or you've already expressed interest. But don't count on it, 'cause my brain can be like a sieve. And this is also your place to speak up if you *don't* want on, no hard feelings.)

...oh, you want to know what I'm going to be writing about? Well, in short, it's hard-SF origfic. With psychic powers.

Title: I have no title. Having a title gives me writer's block.

Summary (in 50 words): Since the Recovery, there were two great revolutions that rocked all human societies. First was the invention which gave humanity fast, efficient, safe interstellar travel. Second, a half-century later, it's discovered that all sentient species except humans have telepathy. Except for certain special humans. That one's not going over well.

Notes: So, um, you may have noticed the lack of plot. There *is* no plot. Plots give me writer's block. I'm planning to write 30 ficlets of ~2000 words each, which are kind of self-contained but set in approximately that time and place, about a group of loosely connected characters. It'll essentially be a bunch of fanfic for a fandom that exists only in my head. This is appropriate for two reasons. First, 2,000-word ficlets seems to be my natural length. Second, in a very real way this *is* a fandom that exists only in my head: the germ of it is four dreams I've had over the past, mmm, ten years or so. They had very little in common except that they were all very vivid and had clear narrative, they were accompanied *even in the dream* by a compelling need to write them down, and they were obviously set in the same universe. So what I'll be doing is filling in the parts around the dreams.

Warnings: This story will probably have sex in it. It will possibly have graphic sex in it, depending on where I am at that time of the month. Some of the sex may very well be squicky, disturbing, and/or just plain weird, given the telepathic alien cnidaria and other very alien aliens, the highly advanced technology, and the thousand years' worth of evolving mores and taboos in a dozen different human cultures. On the other hand, there are several very conventional het 'ships too.

This story will have lots of religon in it. So far I have characters and/or cultures who practice altered and evolved forms of the following faiths (in no particular order): an Arab-influenced animism, Judaism, evangelical Christianity, a secular pantheism distantly descended from Buddhism, Bahá'í, Moonies, a highly syncretic polytheism with a Hindu foundation, Islam, and state-enforced atheism. This will be relevant.

This story will probably not have excessive violence, emotional trauma or character death, but it will have some of each, at least in backstory. It may have other possibly disturbing elements, such as genocide, body modification, and the planet they nicknamed Azathoth. It may also have sad attempts hard science, up to and including a long mathematical discussion of the Lorentz transform and Newtonian physics, if I *really* need word count. It will have gratuitious reference to other SF stories. It will be in no way linear and if a plot does emerge, that'll just be gravy.

I will try to put a short header at the beginning of every story post, giving date, planet and main characters for that bit (in hopes of not confusing myself *too* much, and hopefully, not my readers either), wordcount, and any necessary warnings.


I want to see your NaNo stuff, melannen!

You decide!
And what about that XF story you said you'd have finished weeks ago?

Oh, an I'm doing NaNo stuff too, I'm going to tell you where I'll be talking about it! And give you my NaNo account name so you can writing-buddy me!

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