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rageprufrock just posted an SGA AU she is totally not writing in which there are genies and flying carpet rides.

It occurs to me that I once wanted to vid SGA's Pilot to A Whole New World. It occurs to me that I once said I would try to vid again when I had a brand-new laptop. Which I now do. I also, thanks to sister, have SGA S1. And I have the Aladdin soundtrack.

Further, it occurs to me that the reason I was originally inspired to do that vid is that I was, at the time, working on an SGA S1 AU that started :
"General O'Neill," Elizabeth told her radio, back to Stargate Command in Colorado. "Atlantis base brings you greetings from the Pegasus Galaxy. You may cut power to the gate."

But the gate didn't cut out immediately. There was a pause, and then, right before the wormhole disengaged, a bottle came rolling through the gate and across the floor, stopping at her feet.

A very small bottle. John squinted. It looked like an ordinary beer bottle, and from the way it was wobbling, it was empty. Dr. Weir glanced at Sumner, then crouched down and picked it up. She turned it around in her hands and raised her eyebrows. "It's an empty beer bottle," she said, sounding confused. "With the lid still on."

"Molson's Canadian," Sumner added, eyebrows raised. "What's the tag say?"

Sure enough, there was a white label tied around the neck of the bottle. Elizabeth lifted it and read it out loud: "To be opened only in the most dire emergencies. Good luck. General Jack O'Neill."

"Huh," said Sumner.

A similar noise sounded behind John. He turned to see the bouncy little Czech who had been appointed as the expedition's chief scientist. "I suppose we should be thankful that he didn't actually include the part that finishes 'you're going to need it.'"
and ends :
"Hey, is McKay there?" Major Sheppard's voice crackled over the radio. Rodney glanced at Elizabeth, and stepped forward. If *his* voice cracked in return, nobody was going to say anything.

"Yeah, I'm here. And you'd better come back, you still have one wish left."

"No I don't. You're free, McKay."

"What?" Rodney asked.

"That's my last wish. I wish you free."

"What?!" he said again. "The hell you--" but the wristbands snapped open and dropped to the floor, with a clang that was heard in dead silence. Rodney stared down at them for a split second, but before Zelenka could move, he fade into nothing.

There was no time. Zelenka tore his gaze away from the coveted wristbands and pointed to the display screen: the dot that was the Major's jumper had just merged with the larger red dot of the hive ship, and as they watched it bloomed into fire.

Zelenka closed his eyes and muttered a prayer that his mother had taught him. He wasn't, he thought, the only one; he heard soft Latin from where Elizabeth stood, and even a few muttered lines from Bates, -- and then a sudden loud pop. What?

He stared back up - and into Major Sheppard's face. Looking mildly sheepish and held in a very firm armlock by McKay. "Sorry to interrupt your 'moment', everyone," said McKay, "but I need to haul the Major down to my quarters and beat him around the idiocy with a bottle, which is now, coincidentally, *exactly* as empty and useless as his head is. Also I thought you might like to know that the cavalry's come over the hill." He pointed at the radar screen, where surely enough, a new dot had appeared, identifying as Earth-origin.

Then he *popped* back away with Sheppard before anyone could reply. Zelenka glanced at Elizabeth even as he was opening a channel to the new ship. She shook her head. "Let them go," she said. "It's high time --" she shook her head again.

Zelenka nodded. But he did take a second to lean down and pick up the empty bracelets; it would be a shame if they got stepped on and broken before he got a chance to take them down to the lab and study them properly --

*Pop*. "Also! Radek! How many times to I have to tell you: no, you can't study my wristbands."
And that I didn't finish it because I didn't have access, at the time, to a) SGA S1, b) Aladdin, or c) I Dream of Jeannie re-runs, (which is still a problem, but how many Air Force Major jokes does one fic need anyway?)

It further occurs to me that I've been thinking I need an excuse to write every day, and 14valentines is coming up fast. And that the Genie story is the only fic I've worked on (outside of HP) that really tries to deal with abuse and recovery in any meaningful way.

Just. You know. Thinking.
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