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Hello. I have been having a very dragonish day today. And by "dragonish", of course, I mean hoard-gathering, and by hoard-gathering I mean GEEKY.

enemy_anime called to say that the comic shop had just acquired a bunch of XF stuff, and did I know if stellar_dust would be interested?
Three hours later, I brought home a longbox *entirely filled* with XF ... stuff.
A complete numbered run of the Topps comic, from #-2 to #42, including duplicate copies of -1 and -2, and copies of 1/2, and 0, and including all variant covers, or at least all variants known to me.
Also: Two copies of each of the annuals, three copies of the first digest, Special (omnibus) Editions #1-5 with several duplicates, two copies of the Special Ashcan Edition, the complete Ground Zero miniseries, the "Fight the Future" graphic novel/adaptation/illustrated storybook/whatever the heck it is, Season One adaptations of Pilot, Deep Throat (+Variant cover), Squeeze, Ice, Space, Fire, Beyond the Sea, and Shadows; also Special Numbered Edition copies of #2 and #3, and Special Numbered Editions of #1 to the order of: 069561, 069465-069469 consecutive, and 119478-119481 still in shrink-wrap packaging with what appears to be the same run of Special Numbered Editions of #2.
Also: two issues of "The X-Flies" from Twist and Shout Comics, and "The Axed Files" #1 from Parody Press! Comics (which actually has a fairly awesome cover - too bad the interior art kind of sucks); also 8 issues of the Official X-Files Magazine, 4 TV guides with XF covers, half-a-dozen or so more fannish magazines with XF covers and feature articles, a small amount of various trading-card related ephemera, and two sets of Official X-Files Fan Club membership premiums, still in their original mailing envelopes.

It's nice to be occasionally reassured that there are people out there geekier than you are. (IF this were stellar_dust's lj, that list would surely be accompanied by offers to send stuff to people; but I am completely incompetent at sending people stuff***, so just rest assured that she will get her sticky little hands on it all eventually, and I am sure she'll share the love then.)

...of course, that's just the stuff I acquired *after* 7 PM.

This morning, I bought 3 Star Wars books (unfortunately I guessed wrong and 2 were duplicates; I need to start carrying a list in my wallet) and 1984 Han and Leia action figures (unfortunately the Leia one seems to have escaped on the way home, but I'm pretty sure she was a duplicate anyway). And those were the *least* geeky things I bought.

I also got a copy of "Tales from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean" (which predates the movie by a good 8 years); Pamela Dean's "The Secret Country" (it was on a table with a *bunch* of HP merchandise, and I did give in to the temptation to ask if there was a relationship between the two, but the people manning the table knew nothing about HP much less fandom; it was a daughter's stuff. Then Mom asked why *I'd* bought it, and I was .. at a loss to explain); the 300th Anniversary Colonial Williamsburg Comic Book (which quite unexpectedly turned out to be an anti-materialism screed); an anthropology monograph on potlatches, and an Infamous Women of History Paper Dolls book.

But wait! I also bought some LPs: the Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack, and a Smothers Brothers album that on reflection I think we may already have, and "Comic Strip Favorites" and also "Batman and other Super Men" by the Revengers, which with track names like "Meet Mr. Solo", "The Man From THRUSH", and "Robin 2" I had high hopes for, but turns out to be just kind of lounge-y sounding remixes of theme music. Plus, the sound quality was pretty bad, although that may be because our record player has finally reached the point where you have to give it a couple good whacks before it'll play.

"Comic Strip Favorites" was actually better, I think - it's also mostly theme tunes, but it has theme tunes like "Alley Oop", "Flash Gordon", "Richard Tracy, Esq.", "Popeye the Sailor Man" and a rather interesting "Superman". It's not good exactly, but it's definitely *weird*, and I actually liked it enough that I was going to try to rip it to share with ya'll, only some industrious person who is much groovier than I has already done so, and it's still available to download from his blog (Alongside a couple of ... interesting '60s Batman-themed albums, and Hogan's Heroes and Get Smart LPs, and many other tuneful things...)

I also bought the Complete Sports Night on DVD. I have no actual *desire* to watch this show - sports shows are pretty much my definition of heck, I can't abide commentators ruining a beautiful contest, and a show *about* sports commentators is *really* hard to sell me on - but it was hard to turn down the complete DVDs of one of the seminal slash fandoms when I could get it for well under $5, like-new condition. At the very least I can toss it on a swap table unless a better purpose for it comes up in the next fourteen months q:

Mom, on the other hand, bought stuffed animals of Sam I Am, Go Dog Go, a Sneetch, Woodstock, and a 4' tall Foghorn Leghorn.

***Yes, I know I still owe some of you guys maps! I'll get them sent out! Soon! I swear!
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