Zigismunda formosa (melannen) wrote,
Zigismunda formosa


Best birthday *ever*. Got everything that was on my list to do (sleep in hammock, sketch, rock-balance, roast potatoes in open fire, sing, tell stories, go to festival, go to bookstore, hike, see Sarah, geocache, belly-dance) except kite-flying and canoeing, due to factors out of my control.

And I only came home with 10 more books than I left with. >:D One of them was The Sea-Beach at Ebb-Tide, though. Who wants to go camping at Point of Rocks with me as soon as possible?

Meanwhile, I have 54 lj tabs to read. (Which considering I was at only skip=180, means that 1/3 posts ya'll made is just that interesting. And doesn't even count the ones where i just gave up and clicked the whole thing.)

Now, however, I must finish unpacking.
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