Zigismunda formosa (melannen) wrote,
Zigismunda formosa

i wish I could say I loved it unreservedly, but.

Is it just that once you start thinking like a feminist you can't stop? Or would I have noticed this before?

..see, I was all set to go on about how awesome the Will& Elizabeth thing was, how they really set it up to take it from where it started in the first movie to a true and awesome relationship between equals, how that was the BEST WEDDING SCENE EVER and Elizabeth is the Pirate King - not even queen, mind you, King, and how she totally kicked Sao Feng across the room and then had him begging for forgiveness, and she & Jack are so perfectly the same in their pirateyness as to be perfectly interchangeable --

(and she did end up in a slavegirl outfit on Jabba's Sail Barge - yay ! - but the slave outfit was sexy and shiny without being the least bit revealing or demeaning)

--- and then Will sailed off and left her waiting for him on the shore, like every other sailor's wife in the history of time, barefoot and frigging PREGNANT.


It's not like they didn't totally emphasize and fetishize the barefoot part, either, what with "Please give me my boot back so I can sex you up and then walk away."


Dear world: Even Sen. Van Dalsem eventually realized that women were, actually, people, and not just motivation for men. Please get with the program. Thank you.

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