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Okay, emily_shore asked if about X-files fics I still had on the back burner (Offer still open for other fandoms.) It didn't fit in one comment. So, uh:

Here's the four I still really want to finish someday:

1. (Old Familiar Carols Play)
TEENA: Get away from me or I'll shoot you.
CSM: Would you think less of me as a man if I told you I find you
extremely attractive right now?
CSM: *saves Teena's life from Consortium assassins*
TEENA: *Saves CSM's life from heroism-induced heart attack*
CSM (in hospital bed): You're my only weakness, and they know that now. This is my worst fear. I can't always be there to keep you safe.
TEENA: So marry me, silly.
CSM: ...that could work.
FOX: This is not happening.
MELANNEN: Not until I get around to watching all the Teena episodes again, it's not.

2. (A Last Illusion)
MULDER: Now that the kids are off with my sister, we have a whole week to be sickeningly romantic together!
SCULLY: Just think how lucky we were that we met in college and fell in love so fast. Our lives have been so amazingly boring and perfect for the past 25 years.
CALENDAR: Oh look, it's December 21st, 2012!
MULDER: ... something's not right here.
MELANNEN: But I don't want to kill your kids! And apocalypses are hard to write!
GENIE: Here, have a happy ending.

3. (A Time of Dark, Dark Despair)
KERSH: Fine, fine, go collect your army of superpowered freaks to fight the aliens with.
DOGGETT: Yes sir. Okay, who wants to come help me save the world?
EDDIE VAN BLUNDHT: I'm not coming until she watches my episode again.
HOLMAN HARDT: Same here.
HENRY WEEMS: Same here.
LINDA BOWMAN: Same here.
TONY REED: Same here.
LINDA BOWMAN: Besides, what were you planning to do with us once you've got us?

4. (Fox Hill)
1121 E: Sam, this Steward was clearly destroyed by an ancient bioweapon resurrected to defend the Goddess's beloved.
1013 S: You aren't even a doctor, Emily. I say it was murdered by humans who tried to burn it to destroy the evidence.
MELANNEN: How are you two different from Naraht's Sam & Scully AU again?
1013: We're hybrid clones living in a post-conquest far future.
1121: Searching for the Truth about the old legends of the Immortal Mother Goddess, Dana, and her resurrected consort, Fox the Monster-Slayer.
1013: Except for how there is no Truth because it's all made up to justify the resistance movement, as any student of Human psychology could tell you.
1121: Try having an open mind for once, Sam.
1013: *I* do, Em. You're the one who doesn't want to believe that Humans are capable of doing it all on their own.
MELANNEN: Right. Um, you can stop talking now.
1013 & 1121: *snog*
MELANNEN: ... But not that! We're supposed to be paralleling the series. UST, guys, remember UST?
1013: We don't believe in human emotional rituals.
MELANNEN: *facepalm*

...and there's some random casefiles and crossovers that I'd love to get to someday. Oh, and back in the ranks of "Stories I wish *someone* would write", there's this one:

TEENA: *in coma*
CSM: Fix her.
ALIEN GUY: The damage is too widespread; I cannot reconstruct the network. In order to repair it, I would need to take a patterning from another human mind.
CSM: Use mine.
ALIEN: There might be consequen-
CSM: Do it!
ALIEN: *shrug*
TEENA: *Wakes up*
CSM: (god, she's so beautiful)
TEENA: I'm flattered, but uninterested. (How sweet!)
CSM: ... I didn't say anything.
ALIEN: Did I mention that sometimes it causes an unbreakable telepathic soulbond?
TEENA & CSM: Crap.
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