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In honor of perm account sale, my soapbox let me show you it!

I'm sure you all are tired of me talking about this, but *I'm* not sick of it yet, so there. I'm especially not sick of my "I has a soapbox" icon.

If you're wondering why I'm still upset about people in positions of authority deciding that pedophiles don't require any sort of hearing other than summary vigilante deletion, this news item is why.

This news item is also why.

There's a reason why deciding that a certain subsection of the population doesn't deserve basic rights is bad. It's because that makes it really easy to declare that any harmless person you want to pick on is One Of Them. Since you've decided They have no rights, deserve the worst sorts of extended torture, and aren't allowed freedom of speech, it's kind of hard for them to prove otherwise.

This applies to child molesters just as much as to terrorists.

If you think that 6A's censorship has nothing to do with the actions in those news articles I linked to, go read some history books.

If you think that corporate censorship is too minor to worry about when I should be putting forward effort to stop people getting murdered, read this. And then read some history books.
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