Zigismunda formosa (melannen) wrote,
Zigismunda formosa

So yesterday we toured the historic fort up at Sandy Hook / Gateway NRA, and the best thing we saw was two of the Victorian gun batteries they have up there, which are right next to each other, and are named Battery Potter and Battery Granger. (Granger was, of course, faster and more long-ranging than Potter, but that's not a suprise.) Then there was the Nine-Gun Battery, which we decided of course was referring to the nine Weasleys.

Therefore our only (unspoiled!) prediction for Book 7 is that it will have a major character named Pike in it, that being the name of the last of the Sandy Hook disappearing gun batteries. (Yes, 'disappearing guns'. We've also decided that the old fort is the site of a major part of NYC's magical defenses, given the number of 'very dangerous, Muggles keep out' signs all over the old installations.)

Less awesome: We have belatedly realized that it might not be the simplest thing in the world to get a reasonably-priced hotel room on the Jersey shore in July on a Friday night without a reservation. So we may end up sleeping in the car and/or our grandfather's spare room tonight ... wish us luck.
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