Zigismunda formosa (melannen) wrote,
Zigismunda formosa

put down your bio-plasma disruptor pistol

I spend all evening making icons in order to give myself some time off for perspective, and now LJ won't even let me load icons?

Tonight, LJ, you dine in FAIL.

(They are Tek Jansen icons, and they are excellent. I think TJ is my new fandom of happy.)

Anyway, I haven't been doing much since getting home from the vacation except for messing on the internets, messing with books, and vegetating. (Oh, and writing a resume hahaha.) I was thinking about using today to make a trip-recap post, but instead I spent it backing up my ljs and working on a JF layout - I'm afraid I'm going to wait on the vacation recap (which I'm sure you're all holding your breaths for - 1500 photos, guys!) until I've figured out a photo host I trust more than Scrapbook, or just cave and buy my own webspace from somewhere. On the upside, I've needed to re-organize my web presence for years, so maybe I'll finally get it done.

For now, I'm going to be posting nearly everything I post at jf (not that I've been posting all that much lately anyway...) I'll keep my journal archive up here for the time being, and I'll keep reading my flist and commenting as usual, at least until my paid account runs out, because I care about you guys more than I care about corporate autocracy, but I won't be posting anything but srs business, and I'll be moving content off. Anyone who wants a jf account: offer's still open. I'll also be watching gj and ij, if anyone's moved there that I don't have friended yet, let me know. (anyone want to offer me a deadjournal code? ;)

(Oh, and I also sorted out all of my self-sufficiency wilderness survival books and re-packed my go-bag, but that has more to do with watching Keith Olbermann last night than with lj's asshattery. Not that it *helped*.)

(If you want to know what I'm talking about, liz_marcs explains why a lot of people are upset. Also, ads visible to paid users! Hooray! If you want to know what to do about it, beyond leaving (fandom_flies, otw_news) and spamming news, jadelennox has some constructive suggestions (check the comments for international possibilities.))
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