Zigismunda formosa (melannen) wrote,
Zigismunda formosa

Hi friends!

Some things of note:
I have been posting mini-mixes of Christmas songs all month; you can get them at the advent music tag on my jf. You can download them direct from my webspace, rightclick+save, and they will be up until either I want to put a new fanmix up or my sister needs the web space.

It is Agnostica! Happy holiday, all my old-time webcomics peeps! I have put my ancient Agnostica website back up. It is sad and embarassing, but it is there, and he still links to the old dead URL, so.

And on a slightly soberer note, if you requested books and have not got them yet, could you resend your mailing address to this-lj-name-at-yahoo? I seem to have lost track of a couple of addresses people sent me, because I suck at organizing type stuff. The rest of the books have gone to our local bookcrossing group to give away, who were so elated by the bounty that they held a "wallow in melannen's books" party. Apparently. They sent me pictures. So ya'll have officially lost your chance.

On that note, *obligatory yuletide panic*.
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