Zigismunda formosa (melannen) wrote,
Zigismunda formosa


Hi again all!

I have signed up for the finishathon!

What is the finishathon? "The finish-a-thon is a ficathon, with all the ficathon-like things like deadlines and fellow volunteers to encourage you, but with this ficathon, you write your own ideas. But since part of the encouragement of a ficathon is writing things for other people, what we do is vote for which story ideas people should write."

So there is now a poll up where people can vote on which story I have to spend the next month writing! Anyone with an lj account can vote in my poll here, at multific (You can vote in the other participants' polls, too - you know want to make sure Thette writes the Doctor meets the Teletubbies.)

Currently, in my poll the Torchwood/Sayers crossover is ahead by a length, but voting goes until Saturday, and none of my nine prompts are out of the running! I know there are people here who want more Harry/Hermione/Ron Casablanca AU or more Highlander Wizard of Oz AU or more Jack/Thor Norse mythology AU! Or perhaps Young Wizards, or Barrayar, or Good Omens, or Tale of the Five?

I love all of these prompts so equally that it pains me to see the vote not tied. So go, lj flist, and give the poll some suspense!
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