Zigismunda formosa (melannen) wrote,
Zigismunda formosa


Some of you may not have heard of Dreamwidth yet.

Some of you are sick of hearing about it, I am sure, in which case, skip this entry. :D

Dreamwidth is a new journaling service that is a fork of the livejournal system. "Fork" means that they changed a lot of stuff, and are taking it in a new direction, but if you're familiar with LJ, it will seem familiar. DW was started by a bunch of former LJ employees who loved LJ in principle, but didn't like the direction it was going in, and jumped at the chance to make a new service that fixed everything LJ does badly.

Dreamwidth is committed to accessibility, diversity, inclusivity, community, and free expression. They're an open source project that wants to make their code as easy to use and update as possible, they put a lot of effort into mentoring new developers, and they love cross-platform capability and making it easy to interact across websites. They want to build a business on the model of a small local restaurant, with a goal of supporting themselves, and providing good services to a loyal customer base, without aiming for giant payoffs or explosive growth. They've made a bunch of changes that make a Dreamwidth journal easier to use and better to use than any other site based on LJ. They have done many, many other things that make Dreamwidth a wonderful place to be.

I approve, obviously. I'm lucky enough to have already had some connections with the people who built Dreamwidth, and it's the site I've been looking for since I lost faith in LJ two years ago. They've already got a lot of excitement going, and a lot of people I want to read are already there.

I have a Dreamwidth account, too: http://melannen.dreamwidth.org . I've been posting there for about a month, helping with beta testing, and having a lot of fun. If any of you are on Dreamwidth, too, I'd love to have you back in my circle!

And tomorrow, at 9 PM EDT, they will be coming out of closed beta and opening the site to the public. You will be able to buy a paid account, or use an invite code to get a free account. There will be lots of invite codes to go around, and if you use and validate an openID account there by the time the site opens, you are guaranteed an invite code within the first few days. (You can use your livejournal account as your openID.)

Anyway, this is just to say: I have one remaining closed-beta invite code. First person to give me a good reason they need it gets it!
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