August 6th, 2006

tj plotting

More pirates!

Half my friendslist is showering me with pirates stuff! Thanks, as if I needed the encouragement, what wiht having already spent all weekend reading books about pirates. (And yes, "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" counts.)

It's come to my attention that DMC seems to have ended on something of a cliffhanger - in more ways than one - and that people are getting *really* different versions of the movie depending on how they see it coming out. (Interesting that the cliffhanger at the end of HBP made me lose all interest in playing in that fandom until after it's resolved, but the PotC one has just spurred me on. Possibly it has to do with trust, again.) Anyway, rather than trying to do actual in-depth analysis of my feelings on the matter, I give you a pirate poll! (What does this make, three since the first time I saw the movie?) I will look back at the answers in a year and people who guess right win swashbuckling pirate prizes!

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(Also, the more I read about *real* pirates of the Caribbean, the more *inescapable* is the conclusion that Jack Sparrow has got to be the *worst* pirate captain I've ever heard tell of. I love him, but honestly, I'd far rather serve under Barbossa.)

ETA: Why does this website have the Calvert Arms mixed in with all the pirate flags? No, for serious. They don't seem to know either, and they don't have any of the other colonies up there? I would love to know if there's an actual reason, as I'm writing a paper on Maryland pirates as we speak. (No, really.)
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