February 20th, 2007

tj plotting

we will serve side by side

So, today was the Pancake Supper, which means that Lent is about to start. Which makes it the perfect time to have another go at failing to keep the resolutions I made at the New Year. Like 'be less lurky on lj' and 'read real paper books' and 'post about your eating and exercise habits at honest_eats', right?

Only Lent is traditionally supposed to be giving something *up*, but my current problem is not doing *enough*. So, um, I'm going to try to give up sleeping in past noon. Wish me luck.

Anyway at the pancake supper we got another Where's George bill, which I duly pulled out to enter, and which was almost certainly entered by a gunsmith in backwoods PA who spends all his spare time marking bills. (Who even *has* $700,000 in bills pass through their hands in a year?) And of course the first thing I thought was "wow, I bet the Winchesters know that guy!

In other news, DENNY CRANE IS LUTHERAN!! With Zack this makes two of my very favorite current TV characters Lutheran! (Plus Stephen finally took us off the 'on notice' board, so at least he knows we exist. ;P) Lutheran seems to be becoming the denomination of choice if you want to identify a character as "Christian, but the harmless kind". I feel like I ought to be offended on the behalf of both Lutherans and all other Christians, but somehow, I'm totally OK with it.
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