May 31st, 2007

tj plotting

the king and his men tore the queen from her bed

So today, at work, I was reading the MeFi post (the place I was working has lj and gj and f_w (but, oddly, not the rest of journalfen) net-nannied out of access, so I was trying to keep up from the fringes) and they were *mocking* us for singing "Hoist the Colors" all over LJ.

Which, okay, I can kind of see their point. But you know what?

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That said, I for one don't plan to end up standing alone on an island without a boat. pornish_pixies is back, and that's enough that I'm giving lj a chance: they have eight months to convince me to either renew my paid account, or lock everything up and leave. One or the other: I'm not reverting back to a free account, because that gives them ad revenue.

Have I mentioned that I hate the idea that advertisers are controlling our content? Yes? Good.

Meanwhile, I've managed to justify buying myself a paid account at - I've had a free account there under this name since back in the day when *lj* required codes to join*, and I've always *meant* to help them out. I was just finally annoyed enough to navigate their payment system to do it. I'm not going to completely up anchor and move over there - *yet* - but I do plan to do more archiving there and be more active in the non-wank areas.

This also means I can get people free accounts (within reason, mind) so if you're in fandom, on my flist, don't have a jf account yet and you think you might use one, consider me a resource. I may hold off a few days until the hysteria dies down a bit and the jf admins have had some time to sleep - I figured the money they can use now, the hassle they might want to wait on - but I am willing to make ya'll accounts. Especially if you're going to do more with them than just camp the username.


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And if you have a jf and I haven't friended you yet, let me know.

*In fact, I believe I originally was given my jf account as a result of someone liking a PotC quote I dropped in f_w. So full circle, yo ho ho!
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