June 3rd, 2007

tj plotting

Three Things Which Are Made Of Win:

1. Water! Falling from the sky! I had forgotten that was possible - it's like a magical miracle making everything clean and wet and cool and green!

Also, with it being hot and windows being open, one of the birds that lives in the tree outside my window has learned to mimic the ringing of our phone. This is only 'kinda neat' unless you realise that I have to wake up to a phone call every morning, and that this bird started singing at about dawn.

2. This theory, which I would never have discovered except for wandering all over Journalfen this weekend, which turns the very end of PotC3 from eeww into Hooray!! Most perfect ending ever!!!

3. Making Up Is Hard to Do, by china_shop: Fandom/LJ angry make-up sex, NC-17, het, D/s, etc.

I have the feeling this started out as somebody saying "LJ can *suck me*. No, really," but really quickly turned into a love letter to fandom. The only way this could possibly be better is if she'd mentioned that Fandom's well over four times his age. :D