July 16th, 2007

tj plotting

day 4, morning

Day Four of road trip and we're just south of Boston! We've done most of Acadia National Park over 24 hours and Southwest Harbor on Mt. Desert Island, Old Orchard Beach ME (and last night in Saco on the highway), Mystery Hill NH (aka America's Stonehenge), the largest collective of witch kitcsh in the country (aka Salem MA), and Boston by night. Yesterday is our Weird Stuff day, considering Mystery Hill, Salem, that flight of black helicopters we saw, and UFOs over Saco.

Night before last in Saco we finally saw Harry Potter 5 in Saco. It was better than the book, but maybe that's just because I saw it at a drive-in theater under the stars. :D

Tonight we need to get to Manhattan because Sister got us Daily Show tickets for tomorrow, wheee!!! Which means seven hours of driving, since we're hoping to do Cape Cod national seashore on the way. So I should probably get of the hotel internet and get us moving.

(ps I've only bought six books so far! That averages out to just two a day! And only been to three used book stores and one used book sale....)

We have lots of pictures and a few audio recordings: make me post details once I'm home.

ps2 if you want a postcard at some point (we haven't had time to sit and write yet, but maybe tomorrow in tds line) leave your address! It's screened.