August 16th, 2007

tj plotting

more srs business.

It would be ignoble of me to use my free virtual gift to send theljstaff a report card of FAIL, right? Right. (I will be strong. Now, if they only still had the flaming bag of poo as an option...)

I just got around to updating the newbieguide XF directory, so that's one obligation no longer hanging over my head. :D Took me all night, too - since when is XF fandom active again?

Meanwhile, still posting mostly at . Still not done the Tek Jansen mood theme for it, either. I'm planning to stick around at JF long-term. I've been meaning to get more active there for ages, as I've felt less free to talk on LJ - for reasons that only have partially to do with the change in tone of the administration. It's partially to do with the way my flist here has gotten bigger and more diverse, and as a result I've gotten shyer about talking about my specialized interests. You guys are awesome, and I'm going to keep reading everyone here because I *don't* want to lose you, but I have long-standing interaction issues, and JF makes me feel free, like a particularly good feminine hygiene commercial. :P

I just used electricandroid's flist transfer cheat to friend everybody from here that had IJ and GJ accounts under the same name - let me know if I missed you (or friended a wrong journal.) I'll be checking there once a day or so, probably. I'm *not* auto-adding everyone at JF - I've had a different flist and tone there for awhile, and seriously, if I added all ya'll my list there would be way too big. If you've a JF and want to read my fan randomosity there, friend me or drop a comment and I'll friend back.

Meanwhile, I'll be commenting here. Probably more than ever, if the last few weeks are any judge. And if whoever is targeting pornish_pixies ever gets around to getting me tossed for my underage femmeslash fics from four years ago, there's always openID.
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