October 29th, 2012

tj plotting


No, you aren't hallucinating. I haven't posted here in over a year, but I decided it was time to come back, 'cause I miss talking to you guys, and LJ has stopped being rampantly evil.

I'm still going to be posting mostly at my JF account, and not usually cross-posting, because I have settled in and I like it there too and I'd rather give my paid accont money to them (and I feel a lot less pressure to be awesome over at JF. Because ya'll are all scary-awesome. Not that my JF people aren't awesome too, but they outnumber me less, so I am less neurotic about posting there.) However, if you *want* to follow my random ramblings at JF, there is an RSS feed for it now: melannen_jf, which feel free to friend.

But I shall be posting here once in a while when important stuff comes up that I want you guys to know about too. (See the post that shall shortly follow this one, with FREE BOOKS.) And I'm going to make a real effort to be better about commenting and posting feedback to my flist, too. So here's your warning to defriend me if you find me annoying and only kept me on because I never post!

The other places you will find me lately are Librarything Talk; and Interrobang Studios, the webcomic that my housemates and our friends and I run - I post the Friday newspost there; and any local fandomy cons and meet-ups, which I will likely be at either as a me or as an Interrobang person. And this upcoming month, also NaNo write-ins in Annapolis. Because I am crazy and, oh yeah, I moved to Annapolis while I was gone!