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The Nor-Bu Drug Company Soda Fountain [dreamwidth] [journalfen] [deviantart] [librarything] [ao3] Below are 25 entries, after skipping 25 most recent ones in the "Zigismunda formosa" journal:

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April 15th, 2007
01:17 am
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yep, it's that time of year again
Hello. I have been having a very dragonish day today. And by "dragonish", of course, I mean hoard-gathering, and by hoard-gathering I mean GEEKY.

enemy_anime called to say that the comic shop had just acquired a bunch of XF stuff, and did I know if stellar_dust would be interested?
Three hours later, I brought home a longbox *entirely filled* with XF ... stuff.
A complete numbered run of the Topps comic, from #-2 to #42, including duplicate copies of -1 and -2, and copies of 1/2, and 0, and including all variant covers, or at least all variants known to me.
Also: Two copies of each of the annuals, three copies of the first digest, Special (omnibus) Editions #1-5 with several duplicates, two copies of the Special Ashcan Edition, the complete Ground Zero miniseries, the "Fight the Future" graphic novel/adaptation/illustrated storybook/whatever the heck it is, Season One adaptations of Pilot, Deep Throat (+Variant cover), Squeeze, Ice, Space, Fire, Beyond the Sea, and Shadows; also Special Numbered Edition copies of #2 and #3, and Special Numbered Editions of #1 to the order of: 069561, 069465-069469 consecutive, and 119478-119481 still in shrink-wrap packaging with what appears to be the same run of Special Numbered Editions of #2.
Also: two issues of "The X-Flies" from Twist and Shout Comics, and "The Axed Files" #1 from Parody Press! Comics (which actually has a fairly awesome cover - too bad the interior art kind of sucks); also 8 issues of the Official X-Files Magazine, 4 TV guides with XF covers, half-a-dozen or so more fannish magazines with XF covers and feature articles, a small amount of various trading-card related ephemera, and two sets of Official X-Files Fan Club membership premiums, still in their original mailing envelopes.

It's nice to be occasionally reassured that there are people out there geekier than you are. (IF this were stellar_dust's lj, that list would surely be accompanied by offers to send stuff to people; but I am completely incompetent at sending people stuff***, so just rest assured that she will get her sticky little hands on it all eventually, and I am sure she'll share the love then.)

...of course, that's just the stuff I acquired *after* 7 PM.

This morning, I bought 3 Star Wars books (unfortunately I guessed wrong and 2 were duplicates; I need to start carrying a list in my wallet) and 1984 Han and Leia action figures (unfortunately the Leia one seems to have escaped on the way home, but I'm pretty sure she was a duplicate anyway). And those were the *least* geeky things I bought.

I also got a copy of "Tales from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean" (which predates the movie by a good 8 years); Pamela Dean's "The Secret Country" (it was on a table with a *bunch* of HP merchandise, and I did give in to the temptation to ask if there was a relationship between the two, but the people manning the table knew nothing about HP much less fandom; it was a daughter's stuff. Then Mom asked why *I'd* bought it, and I was .. at a loss to explain); the 300th Anniversary Colonial Williamsburg Comic Book (which quite unexpectedly turned out to be an anti-materialism screed); an anthropology monograph on potlatches, and an Infamous Women of History Paper Dolls book.

But wait! I also bought some LPs: the Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack, and a Smothers Brothers album that on reflection I think we may already have, and "Comic Strip Favorites" and also "Batman and other Super Men" by the Revengers, which with track names like "Meet Mr. Solo", "The Man From THRUSH", and "Robin 2" I had high hopes for, but turns out to be just kind of lounge-y sounding remixes of theme music. Plus, the sound quality was pretty bad, although that may be because our record player has finally reached the point where you have to give it a couple good whacks before it'll play.

"Comic Strip Favorites" was actually better, I think - it's also mostly theme tunes, but it has theme tunes like "Alley Oop", "Flash Gordon", "Richard Tracy, Esq.", "Popeye the Sailor Man" and a rather interesting "Superman". It's not good exactly, but it's definitely *weird*, and I actually liked it enough that I was going to try to rip it to share with ya'll, only some industrious person who is much groovier than I has already done so, and it's still available to download from his blog (Alongside a couple of ... interesting '60s Batman-themed albums, and Hogan's Heroes and Get Smart LPs, and many other tuneful things...)

I also bought the Complete Sports Night on DVD. I have no actual *desire* to watch this show - sports shows are pretty much my definition of heck, I can't abide commentators ruining a beautiful contest, and a show *about* sports commentators is *really* hard to sell me on - but it was hard to turn down the complete DVDs of one of the seminal slash fandoms when I could get it for well under $5, like-new condition. At the very least I can toss it on a swap table unless a better purpose for it comes up in the next fourteen months q:

Mom, on the other hand, bought stuffed animals of Sam I Am, Go Dog Go, a Sneetch, Woodstock, and a 4' tall Foghorn Leghorn.

***Yes, I know I still owe some of you guys maps! I'll get them sent out! Soon! I swear!

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April 5th, 2007
09:33 pm
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eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani
I've just come home from the Maundy Thursday service, the first one I've ever attended. I think the lesson to bring from it is don't go to the Maundy Thursday service unless you're also going to make the Good Friday and Easter Sunday ones - it's like having the cable modem go on the fritz at the very most depressing part of the fic.

I'd never seen the altar stripped before. I'd never seen the altar *bare* before. Sitting in the nearly-empty sanctuary, intoning the 22nd Psalm in unison to a just-stripped altar, and then walking out in utter silence to a frosty wind ...

yeah, that was something.

(Of course, I didn't actually get to go out in silent contemplation of the words of Christ, because Mom had volunteered to count the money, so instead I sat in the office and re-read John 13. Bonus points to anyone who gets why I said I felt like Judas Iscariot.)

You see, you may have heard of Christmas and Easter Christians, people who only come to church on those two days? My family's the opposite. We'll go to church every other day, but on those two days we're far too busy with pagan fertility rituals to go to church. So I have never actually been to a service when the altar was bare before. Never been to a Good Friday or Easter Day service either. And won't be going this year on Sunday, either, because we'll be playing with painted eggs and candy bunnies at my grandfather's house, as usual.

I kind of want to go to the Good Friday service tomorrow night after we pick up Katy, though, now that I know what I've been missing. Plus the program tonight said that tomorrow would be a tenebrae service, which sounds really, really awesome (in the old sense) ( and also fairly short).

PS: Darcy is in The Box. She won't let Bingley in The Box with her. So Bingley has dragged out the Peacock Feather, which Darcy can't resist, and is waving it around to lure Darcy out of The Box so that she can take possession. Cats are scary.

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April 3rd, 2007
09:01 pm
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total dork:
So I was wasting time on LT Talk, and we were arguing about whether graphical smilies are evil or not (if you want another reason why LT is made of awesome, we came down like a ton of bricks for "evil".) But I realized that I actually *didn't* know whether ASCII smilies or *action* or well-alt-tagged-graphics are better from an accessibility point of view. Google was, suprisingly, unhelpful. I know that Windows's really rudimentary screen reader does not do *anything* involving creative uses of punctuation well, because I've occasionally used it when I really, really needed audiofic *right now*, but I'd assume that any actual good program would at least recognize things like ;) and ^_^ . (I know the default Mac reader at least knows :-) )

It'd be neat to find a list of which ones are most likely to be read correctly ...

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April 2nd, 2007
07:45 pm
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A Simple Logic Puzzle
You are standing at the front of a classroom.
Also in the classroom are 17 middle-schoolers and 24 desks.
In your possession, you have a seating chart with 22 names on it.
Less than 33% of the students are in their assigned seats.

Your goals, in order of priority:
1. Figure out which five students are absent;
2. Match students with names, so you can write them referrals to the principal's office;
3. Determine which students are in their assigned seats, so you know who does not need a referral.

The rules:
1. Each student has in their possession at least one book or paper with their correct name on it, although it might not always be visible.
2. Students who call out each other's names in excitement will use the correct names.
3. If they figure out what you are doing, many of them will switch papers and start to call each other by the wrong names.
4. If you ask them outright, they will figure out what you are doing and lie.
5. If you look away from the class for more than 3 seconds, at least 3 students will have changed seats.
6. You must look away from the class for at least 3 seconds in order to record any data.
7. Students who begin in their assigned seats will remain in their assigned seats, and tell the truth about their own names, but they will refuse to snitch on their classmates.
8. You have exactly 90 minutes. Also, you're supposed to teach them a vocabulary lesson, and prevent them from acheiving their primary goal (killing, maiming, and/or emotionally traumatizing each other.) You have no tools other than paper, pencils, and force of personality. GO!

...if anyone has the answer key for this, please share. Please. (I managed about 80% complete on this *once* today, but that was only by cheating by having another sub in the classroom with me.) If I had a compiler for one of the languages I know, I'd be *so* tempted to program a sim to practice on...

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April 1st, 2007
02:19 pm
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so yesterday, I went with friends (kya and blue!) to see the new TMNT movie (which they had each seen at least three times already.) Actually we got free passes afterward because they accidentally forgot to switch the reels and tried to show us 300 first, which was awesome.

The movie was more awesome though! Totally awesome. I want to write fanfic now. Fanfic where Mr. Winters gets some love, because he is a TOTAL WOOBIE. /Fanfic where SPOILERSCollapse )

Also Splinter is *even awesomer* than Yoda. Or maybe it's just that he's as awesome as we *wish* Yoda was.

So then Kya and Blue took me on a marvelous three-hour tour of ff.net's TMNT section! It is the best place ever and I have lots and lots of fanfic to read now. My favorite so far is The Turtles Stop the War In Iraq but there is LOTS MORE!

I think I'm going to quit all my other communities and become a full-time TMNT fan!

ps: only the last line of this is april fools. Maybe it is, anyway. Besides, I always thought April was kind of wet but in the new movie she is AWESOME. Have I said that enough?

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March 29th, 2007
10:18 pm
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I feel like I want to be writing.

But my brain is currently working (to the extent that it's working at all) in puzzles, lists, sequences, equations. Tying nets and putting things in boxes. Not stories and not voices.

And then I read Bironic's House sestinas linked through metafandom. (Which are *really awesome*, btw,) and I thought, I could do that!

So, if you people would be kind enough to drop me comments containing a single words each, I'll take the first six words to work with me tomorrow, and try to write a fandom sestina. (No promises as to which fandom it would be! Although if you mention proper names, it might up the odds. And I can't promise it'd be any good! But I'll try.)

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March 28th, 2007
05:00 pm
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Between stellar_dust the Stephen Colbert fangirl and xerahanadu the Keith Olberman devotee, I might find myself in danger of actually becoming an informed citizen ... or at least a cable news junkie.

Meanwhile, we have stellar_dust's cats while she's in Arizona for two weeks, and every night at 11:00, Darcy emerges from her bed and spends the next hour loudly purring to the sound of fake news. (I think it reminds her of home.)

Bingley has decided that her new happy place is my bed. Basically, if she's stationary, that's where she is. Yesterday I dragged her out in the lovely 85° weather we've been having and when she freaked upon seeing the sky (scary, scary sky) she fled full-speed into the house, down the hall, and up the ladder to my bed, dragging her leash and all behind her. Luckily she's good at sharing - the worst she ever tries is some snuggling-on-feet - or else I wouldn't have gotten any sleep the past three days.

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March 21st, 2007
11:34 pm
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So I just spent most of the night at enemy_anime's house, playing with rabbids with Rayman on their wii and DS. (We never had any game platforms at home, and we never were the kind of kids who would go to somebody else's house to play, so this wii is really the first time I've done much of anything on a gaming system since Dad's friend Terry showed us how to play Duck Hunt, and Raving Rabbids really puts the wii through its paces.)

Anyway, I'm just totally *fascinated* by the rabbids, by the little glimpses we see of their society and what must underlie it - the closest I can come up with is that they're like Reaver bunnies, except where Reavers torture and torment and kill, the Rabbids *play*. And they play with a bizarre but impeccable sense of honor, the most important element of which is caring more about the rules of the game than about their own lives - lives which they spend profligately, masterfully, *joyfully*.

It's probably a *good* thing that I've really never played through games with any more story than your average platformer, because I'm at real risk of trying to write *serious science fiction* about the Rabbids and their motivation and the way they live together.

It probably doesn't help that the fandom I'm currently submerging in is Young Wizards. (I'm slowly reading through Wizards at War, which is the only one I haven't read yet, not counting The Big Meow and Wizards on Call, and it's taking me forever because it's going like a nonfiction book - like a philosophy book - I have to put it down every few minutes to *think*.)

And it's pretty obvious that the rabbids got a really raw deal when they bargained with the Lone Power. It's hard to imagine a place more full of life and yet more lost to entropy. I suppose it went something like, they accepted the Lone One's gift of death in exchange for power and civilization, but with the caveat (which I suppose they thought was a good bargain) that death should never be a burden to them. And in that bargain - where the only goal can be to live and die as brilliantly as you can, with no care for pain or suffering (not to mention that they've become almost completely nonverbal) - how can there be wizards?

But .. they're not completely lost to the dark. There's a sense of honor to them, and a communal spirit, and a deep, deep joy, and somewhere in them a striving to be better than they are, a thirst for beauty - no species that dances like that can ever be beyond redemption.

And then playing the DS game, it's so obvious that Rayman's on Ordeal - he even has his own version of the Whispering, guiding him in the use of his new powers! - I kept waiting for him to find a rabbid who is on the verge of taking the Oath, and for them together to face down the Lone Power, re-negotiate the Bargain, and lead the Rabbids forward into a new era --

Apparently there've been a lot of Rayman games so far, without Rabbids? I wonder how *his* species stands in relation to the Lone One. They seem to have endless life - but they're doomed to always move forward in set pathways, and never turn back, never try a new strategy - renogotiating with the Powers must seem entirely foreign to them ...

PS: I bought a copy of Only You Can Save Mankind t'other day. It's now filed next to Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars under 'this is exactly what adolescence was like for me.'

PPS: Reavers are totally canon in YW-verse, did you know? Because YW crosses over with everything else she's written, and the baddies in Tale of the Five are Reavers - reavers Overshadowed rather than drugged, but, still, Reavers! This left me fairly confused fairly far into Firefly, I must say, because to an outsider's view of them as Other, they're nearly indistinguishable - and yet so totally different in the end.

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March 17th, 2007
11:04 pm
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Today was St. Patrick's day, so I spent all day working at our now-annual corned beef & cabbage dinner to benefit the local habitat for humanity projects. I am exhausted and also ate too much (I didn't even manage to snag any dessert!) and I have to get up to help with the sequel tomorrow morning. If anyone tries to tell you that being a Christian is easy, appoint them deputy-and-general-errand-girl to the person organizing a church dinner. (Or, y'know, make them *be* the one organizing it, although that's a job you daren't give to but your very best.)

On the other hand we made over $2,000, gross proceeds going to charity, *and* we fed the new county executive! Not everyone can say that! And despite being Republican and male, he really is signficantly less evil than Owens was. Although having his security guard lurking in the Narthex was kind of, er, bizarre.

And being as the closest I come to being Irish is being descended from a couple of Presbyterians who stopped over in Ulster for a few generations on their way from Scotland to Maryland (even my German side is all Lutheran,) I wore my orange plaids, like I always do on St. Patrick's Day.

This is why I will never be one of the cool kids.

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March 2nd, 2007
09:37 pm
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Three things which are made of 100% pure awesome:
1. I am only six degrees of separation from William Shatner!
Look: I had AP US history with Mrs. S.
Who, before she moved up north with us yankees, taught in South Carolina.
Including among her children several of the children of Strom Thurmond's senescence.
Whose ancestors enslaved the ancestors of Al Sharpton.
Who is a great friend of Denny Crane.
Who is played by William Shatner.


2. Forget lyrical tributes to forty years of fandom, tear-jerking wonder, meta in visual perfection, whatever lalala: Somebody in Germany has posted a fan music vid on YouTube consisting entirely of footage of their cats.

It should not be as funny as it is, or as good as it is, and YET.
This is a trend I highly encourage, all people with the necessary equipment and skills. I want to see this be a new fad.

3. Sister is here, and she has brought with her an *entire CD binder* full of pirated Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert clips.

stellar_dust: *waves!* :D :D

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February 27th, 2007
11:55 pm
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... I am going to get around to answering all the comments on my last post. I am! I swear! I ...

dammit, I always do this. I write something elaborate up, I go comment-whoring like a good little fangirl, and then when the comment-whoring actually *bears fruit* I cannot deal.

... well, you didn't come to online fandom expecting everyone to be socially functional, did you? Why do I do this to myself?

Actually, it kind of reminds me of the OSC quote I had on my door when I lived in the Writer's House, the one about how writers, in order to succeed, have to, simultaneously, believe that they're the most brilliant thing since Aristophanes, and believe that they totally suck and should hide in the sewers. (er, possibly that was somewhat paraphrased.) Because, see, I can get up the courage to *post* by convincing myself that nobody will care or even notice that I posted. And then I can get up the courage to link around to it, by convincing myself that I'm totally brilliant and of course everybody needs to see it! It's just that when it comes to actually *carrying through*, I get the two beliefs mixed up and end up driving around town for forty-five minutes getting gloriously lost and singing along to Reba McIntyre songs instead. (And, y'know, totally vidding S1 John/Atlantis to "The Thunder Rolls" in my head.)

Plus, of course, there's the period in between when I post, and when I actually start getting comments, when I'm convinced I *do* suck, and I'm really incredibly nervous, so of course I go looking for comfort!fic, and then I get into it, and four days later I emerge from my fog of old Eroica 'zine stories unable to vocalize anything except "dorian red gloria" over and over on repeat, and discover that I have *thirty* incredibly insightful comments to reply to with equal insight when all I really want to do, deep in my id, is go on quixotically looking for the "Eroica wakes up straight" story that must exist somewhere. ... right?


the circle of life continues. I wrote a post that was sparked by something strongplacebo had to say, and then stellar_dust posted The "male gaze," feminism, and slash in the Daily Show sparked by what I said, and then fandrogyny sparked from it to Can Republicans be slashers? So at lesat I've managed to get some discussion going, even if I'm clearly incompetent to lead it myself!

...also apparently my meta makes people think of political smut, and what better panegyric can one ask for? (Hot, young, waay out of date John Kerry icon just for ya'll, before I go find those strips about male gaze instead.)

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February 24th, 2007
12:27 pm
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Help! My slash goggles are stuck!
(Meta for Notcapade)
(And many, many thanks to siegeofangels and stellar_dust for readover and reassurance that I am not completely mad. I have learned why people rarely get meta betas: because they are smarter than you are, and won't stop thinking long enough to let you post!)

Or, 'My Thoughts on Yaoi.' Don't read if you don't want to know, guys.Collapse )

Whew! Long essay. And I made it all the way to the end without ever using the terms 'patriarchy', 'privilege', 'subversion' or 'objectification'! Go me. There's a lot in there and a *lot* of places I could take it from there - I keep coming up with ways to answer old fannish questions in terms of this theory, which if I were an astrophycist at least would be a point in my favor. And more importantly, maybe, I need to think some more about the ethical implications of using, and glorifying, that particular way of seeing.

But I've been unable to stop thinking about things in terms of slasher's gaze ever since I first found it - which is probably part of the reason I've been quiet on the meta front; I was waiting for a way to talk about what I've been thinking effectively, and to figure out whether it works at all outside my own head. I'm not entirely sure I've succeeded, but I'm desperate for any sort of answer back from the void on this. So, please, feedback, discuss, tell me I'm off my rocker, tell me somebody else came up with all this ten years ago! Or just go off and ponder it all in your hearts for awhile, like I did. I'm just tired of not having anyone else who knows what I'm talking about.

And that's really what fandom's for, after all.


3/10, ETA: Okay, two weeks later, I think I'm finally caught up on comments here - I'll do my best to be better to keep up with new ones coming in. I'm really sorry it took so long. I have issues, which is neither an apology or an excuse, but at least believe me it wasn't personal. (Except with stellar_dust. That was totally personal, that was :P)

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February 20th, 2007
10:16 pm
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we will serve side by side
So, today was the Pancake Supper, which means that Lent is about to start. Which makes it the perfect time to have another go at failing to keep the resolutions I made at the New Year. Like 'be less lurky on lj' and 'read real paper books' and 'post about your eating and exercise habits at honest_eats', right?

Only Lent is traditionally supposed to be giving something *up*, but my current problem is not doing *enough*. So, um, I'm going to try to give up sleeping in past noon. Wish me luck.

Anyway at the pancake supper we got another Where's George bill, which I duly pulled out to enter, and which was almost certainly entered by a gunsmith in backwoods PA who spends all his spare time marking bills. (Who even *has* $700,000 in bills pass through their hands in a year?) And of course the first thing I thought was "wow, I bet the Winchesters know that guy!

In other news, DENNY CRANE IS LUTHERAN!! With Zack this makes two of my very favorite current TV characters Lutheran! (Plus Stephen finally took us off the 'on notice' board, so at least he knows we exist. ;P) Lutheran seems to be becoming the denomination of choice if you want to identify a character as "Christian, but the harmless kind". I feel like I ought to be offended on the behalf of both Lutherans and all other Christians, but somehow, I'm totally OK with it.

Current Music: and they'll know we are Christians

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February 4th, 2007
01:52 pm
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This weekend, I visited my sister at her apartment.

We spent the whole time lying on the couch, drinking sour cocktails and watching her vast collection of Daily Show reruns tagged SLASHY.

Yesterday afternoon, when we got up, we made an emergency trip downtown to buy more used books and likker.

It was the best weekend ever.

...meanwhile I brought my crocheting project and her cats have discovered the existence of this miracle called balls of yarn.

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January 31st, 2007
07:41 pm
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Star Trek.
Star Trek meme, by way of penknife and espresso_addict. Because however hard you try, you can never escape from your roots.

While he wanders his starry sea, remember, remember meCollapse )

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January 29th, 2007
11:10 pm
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So .. what? Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are in a contest as to who can reveal the most secrets of the sordid world of pundits who suck?

I .. what? I really, really didn't need to know that about Walter Cronkite.

And yet, mac_hearts_pc is still consistently more active and higher quality than tds_rps. At least the unlocked part, anyway.

(cur) (last) 04:39, 30 January 2007 RoyBoy (Talk | contribs) m (Protected Reality: colbert [edit=sysop:move=sysop])
(cur) (last) 04:39, 30 January 2007 Raul654 (Talk | contribs) m (Protected Reality [edit=sysop:move=sysop])
(cur) (last) 04:39, 30 January 2007 PopeofPeru (Talk | contribs) (←Replaced page with 'Reality becomes a commodity')
I love that Steven now has his own category for protected wikipedia articles! (Also, I got in before they changed it back. Laptops are fun!) I also love the phrase "Protected Reality: Colbert". It has that sort of deeper truth to it that is so fundamental to wikipedia.

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January 28th, 2007
05:09 pm
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Another Sunday meditation
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
Went to Bed with No Clothes On.

...I learned that jingle at some point in my childhood, and I know there was more to it. The internet knows of that rhyme (and cites it back to WWII) so I'm not just making it up, but the only version the internet has can *not* be the version I knew, because it has dirty words, and not only that, dirty words that only rhyme if you're British. Now it's going to keep being stuck in my head until or unless I figure it out.

"Matthew, Mark, Luke and John", of course, is a very common element in English prayers, charms, and spells. There's the well-known "Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, / bless the bed that I lie on. / Four corners to my bed, / four angels round my head," which is pretty clearly what the nekkid time version is based on. A quick google also gives me the list of four evangelists in part of an old American blessing to be said over firearms (which something tells me the Winchesters would know well!); an anti-witcchcraft charm against hailstorms; a fertility charm for the land; protection in a lawsuit; and a charm to cure cramp. (Plus several that are hidden under $#%*& academic lock. What, exactly, is the point of that again? Keeping people from learning? I guess I must have really graduated, too, because the library's removed my JSTOR access. I need that access! I can't *survive* without that access! It's entirely possible that one of the reasons I tried to not graduate is that I couldn't stand the thought of losing my university library card! God's ankles, now I'm depressed.)

I could probably find as many again if I took a quick look through my library of paper books on the subject. But the best-known of them all is the "Matthew, Mark, Luke and John" bed-time rhyme, sometimes called the Black Paternoster and more often the White Paternoster, though it has very little in common with the French-style White Paternosters that show up in Les Mis and The Canterbury Tales. In Popular Nursery Rhymes Jenifer Mulherin says the British version may date back to Celtic rituals, but I'm more apt to be reminded (by the four angels 'round the bed) of Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof, the three angels tasked to protect Jewish children against the spite of Lilith.

Some people source the prayer to the 17th century, where it was apparently first put in print by Dr. Thomas Ady in 1656. (Ady is better known as the writer of influential books attempting to insert some rationality into the witchcraft panic.) Margaret Murray, in The God of the Witches (who, granted, must always be taken with several grains of salt) gives a White Paternoster from a mid-17th century witch trial which is much more similar to Chaucer's version, and then she gives a Black Paternoster, implied to be from the same source, which is a four-corners charm clearly similar to the modern Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, but uses Latin forms of the names and is an adult's house-blessing rather than a bed-blessing ("God be into this house, and all that belangs us" to rhyme with Joannes.) If Murray can be trusted, then, the charm already existed in two very different version by the 1650s or so.

And "Matthew, Mark, Luke and John", in modern versions, is often intermixed with the other famous nursery prayer, "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep". A whole bunch of versions of both these prayers are listed at Bedtime Prayers, along with a bunch of more twee childrens' prayers with all references to death, of course, ruthlessly bowdlerized. It seems to be a younger prayer - the first references look to be from the 18th century in "A New England Primer". There seems to be a persistent delusion on the 'net that it was printed in the 12th century in the Enchiridion of Pope Leo. The Enchiridion of Pope Leo is a *highly* dubious document, which in the tradition of late-Renaissance magickal publications, claims a pedigree older than it deserves. Given how demonstrably innacurate all the citations to it are, I'm not going to lay bets whether the prayer's actually in the book (the references seem to all have propagated from the wikipedia entry on Christian Child's Prayer (which is just *bad* beyond my ability to fix it, though I tried), detectable through use of a version of the book's name that seems to be *very* uncommon in English.) Although from Waite's description in Book of Ceremonial Magic, it seems reasonable that somebody, at some point, might have inserted some version of that prayer in some copy of the grimiore. I did find what seems to be an online Spanish translation of the book, which may or may not be complete, but doesn't seem to have anything resembling that prayer to the limit of my knowledge of Spanish.

Of course, it also shows up in Metallica's Enter Sandman.
(In other news, "Supernatural" continues to rock.)


Mind, none of that exactly solves the question of what the Evangelists did in bed with no clothes on. But hey! It may still be stuck in my head, but at least by now it's probably stuck in yours, too.

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January 26th, 2007
12:15 am
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How sad is it that I'm actually starting to *care* about Ontario junior-league hockey?

Mean: 2.00 Median: 1.5 Std. Dev 1.15

1 = as sad as writing TDS/Charmed crossover fanfic.
2 = as sad as hiring a body-language expert to diss Stephen for you, because you're too chicken to do it yourself.
3 = as sad as it would be if this news story turned out to be actually true.
4 = as sad as me missing SPN tonight because I was reading Bones fic and forgot.
5 = as sad as staying up ridiculously late every night because fake news shows have left you too hyped to sleep.

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January 24th, 2007
02:16 pm
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floating like a vapor on the soft summer air
rageprufrock just posted an SGA AU she is totally not writing in which there are genies and flying carpet rides.

It occurs to me that I once wanted to vid SGA's Pilot to A Whole New World. It occurs to me that I once said I would try to vid again when I had a brand-new laptop. Which I now do. I also, thanks to sister, have SGA S1. And I have the Aladdin soundtrack.

Further, it occurs to me that the reason I was originally inspired to do that vid is that I was, at the time, working on an SGA S1 AU that started Like this:Collapse ) and ends like this:Collapse ) And that I didn't finish it because I didn't have access, at the time, to a) SGA S1, b) Aladdin, or c) I Dream of Jeannie re-runs, (which is still a problem, but how many Air Force Major jokes does one fic need anyway?)

It further occurs to me that I've been thinking I need an excuse to write every day, and 14valentines is coming up fast. And that the Genie story is the only fic I've worked on (outside of HP) that really tries to deal with abuse and recovery in any meaningful way.

Just. You know. Thinking.

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January 21st, 2007
02:29 pm
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Your meditation for the second Sunday after Epiphany
Today's New Testament Reading was 1 Corinthians chapter 12, Verses 12-31, NRSV:Collapse )

Is it me, or did the Apostle Paul just say that all preachers are dicks?

No, it's just you.
Yes, yes he did.
...I suppose you could see it that way. And now I can't *stop* seeing it that way. Whyy??
You have a diseased mind.
....maybe you should try a different translation.
...Paul hasn't quite figured out the difference between "humility" and "virility" yet, has he.
Oh, *that's* what they mean by "members" of the church!

Actually, last week's reading was the first part of that chapter, 1 Corinthians 12:1-11, which is one of my favorite bits of the Epistles, because it can be read to justify the practice of magic and all sorts of other non-traditional spiritualities, as long as you do them in faith in Christ.

In other news, SNOOOOOW!!!!!

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January 18th, 2007
10:00 pm
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Okay, normally I don't do this sort of thing, but lately I've been feeling like I want to write, but I can't decide *which* thing to write. (Except more of the NaNo universe from last year, but.)

So! The meme that's been going around! Comment here and tell me what you think I should write (or draw.) (Anything from SGA/AtS crossover to Harry/Hermione fluff to Boston Legal with tentacles to Pippi Longstocking the Pirate Queen to murder mystery with church ladies!) Anon comments welcomed.

Or I could just sit and keep obsessively crocheting this afgan and watching old SPN episodes.

ETA: Okay, I confess: Having just read "Busman's Honeymoon" and moved on to "The Nine Tailors", what I really *want* to be writing is the one where Lord and Lady Wimsey interact with Peaceable Sherwood and wife. (Surely the Dowager Duchess of Denver knows the Earls of Thorne socially, right? And I'm sure the new Countess Thorne could use some advice - and *give* some advice - on inconvenient incorporeal relatives and noblemen with really freaking arrogant family mottoes - though I'm afraid Harriet might find Peggy a bit of a drip.

Failing that, the mystery that Lord Peter solves with the help of the Swallows and Amazons. Or the one where his Delagardie relatives are descendants of the Duchesse Delagardie who was a member of Les Griffonais, and there's a mystery hopefully involving a grimoire and Lord Peter being intentionally provoking.

Or the one where young late '30's aristocrat Bruce Wayne travels to England to learn from the world's greatest living detective...

Only I *know* there's no way I can do the period anything like well enough to pass.

You can tell I'm in a new fandom, because my head is full of crossover possibilities. Although oddly (Bones aside) I'm not having that same reaction with Supernatural - maybe because they all turn out *oddly similar* to the crossovers I came up with when I first got into XF. (Take a fandom. Plop in a supernatural mystery. Add sibling and daddy issues, people being mistaken for a couple, Looking for the Truth About The Coming War, and people being reckless and/or wanted for murder, to match the base fandom to taste. Stir. I mean, when I find myself wanting to do Sam and Dean vs. The Cat in the Hat, you know there's a problem.)

Okay, I answered the meme! Now your turn!

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January 14th, 2007
11:01 pm
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I *am*, in fact, still around and about. Evidence: an urban_nature post by me. And lots and lots of honest_eats posts.

It's just that it's been a bit more about than around lately, that's all. Also: SPN fanfic, which is brain-devouring to a ridiculous amount; the thing about this fandom is, it ought to be an OTP 'shipping fandom, except that everybody shippable is related, so that lingering incest taboos mean that a much, much higher proportion of people are writing long, plotty, emotionally rich casefile stories, and it is sheer awesome on a level I haven't seen since first dipping into XF genfic.

Also, my library reserves came in and I have the rest of the Lord Peter stories to read now! And Pigeon Post!

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January 10th, 2007
11:23 pm
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Okay, have to say, as much as I adore the Bones crew, Eppes ain't got nothin' on Luther Lee Boggs.

No, you want to hear something *really* horrifying? They just ran a commercial for Napoleon Dynamite, and Mom said, "Hey, I went to college with a guy who looked just like that! His name was Henry, but he made all of us call him Butch!"

... I knew there was a reason I've been running scared from that movie.

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January 7th, 2007
04:02 pm
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your Epiphany meditation
Poll #902312 We had a substitute pastor today, and he brought up some interesting theological questions.

If John the Baptist were alive today, would he have a cell phone?

No, dude. A cell phone? He was homeless. And he ate bugs.*
Fo' shizzle! Yahya tha Bippy had a posse, yo!**
Are you kidding? He'd have his own basic cable show.***
Queen Herry kept giving him one (with her number already programmed, natch) but whenever she asked why he never called, he said he accidentally dropped it in the river and it shorted out. Which is why she got in a snit and had him killed. Obviously.****

*Yes, yes, I know, the locusts were probably actually the fruits of the carob tree, not the swarmy crawly things with eyes. But the honey was probably actually honeydew, which is even closer to being bug pee than *normal* honey, so it evens out.

**I have been giving the people in my Sunday School coloring pictures brown skin for a long time now.***** One of the kids called me on it today for the first time, and said Jesus and Mary were white, and when I asked him why, he said, well, for one thing, they always are in every picture he'd ever seen of them. I hope I managed to both teach him a little about the limits of race and teach him to think twice about things that are just "always" without, you know, confusing him even further. (At least he wasn't bored!)
Besides, we don't have any peach markers left.

***Actually, hasn't he been on the Report yet? Stephen should totally invite him if he hasn't.

****Well, it's a better explanation than the one in Matthew, anyway! And I've read some interesting Biblical analyses which point out that Christ, and the early Church, and probably John too, were bankrolled largely by wealthy widows.

*****I also colored my Temple all bright and stripy today. I'm on a one-woman mission to remind people that all those old ruins used to be painted! Pretty colors! Because they were. And then maybe it'll catch on and when I do my house all frescoes and murals the neighbors won't complain.

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January 5th, 2007
10:22 pm
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Moon dust smells like gunshots.
We took down the tree again, which I guess means I should probably break my holiday lj fast, ne? Actually I did so much and had so many good things happen and thought about so many things I want to write down or post about that the queue is jammed. Anyway. I had a good holiday, hooray! And I'm not quite caught back up on lj yet and I only read a bare fraction of the yuletide stories I wanted to read.

Oh! Speaking of, my yuletide present was Frontier Games by Jay tryfanstone, based on Frontier Wolf by Rosemary Sutcliff - it's Alexios/Hilarion and wonderful - Sutcliff really needs only about two pinches more hoyay for the slash to be textual, and anything more would just be overkill, but tryfanstone hits it just right; this is what would've been in the book if only it wasn't a YA adventure novel instead. It's even more amazing when you realize that she picked it up at the last minute and then had to dash around Edinburgh desperately searching for a copy! And it's still better than the story I had a whole month to write. (No, I'm not stalking her - that post was the first to come up on Google when I was trying to find a link to The Centurion's Hound, probably the longest (but utterly wonderful) piece of Sutcliffe fic ever written, which she did for yuletide afew years back. (She also has great Highlander stuff, by the way.)

Anyway! Traditionally when I've put off posting because I have too much to say, I re-open with a stupid meme. But let's break tradition - have some pictures of cats instead!Collapse )
(That's Darcy and Bingley and stellar_dust on the way back home after Christmas. Can you tell which is which? The expressions in the third & last picture give it away, if you know P&P.)

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