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The Nor-Bu Drug Company Soda Fountain

Pleasant conversation with the artistic and criminal fringe of society

Zigismunda formosa
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melannen is a twentysomething who still acts twelve, gleefully wasting the best years of her life on the internet.

Her interests include fandom (in the meta sense), self-sufficiency and the myriad disciplines appertaining thereto, regional and microbrew soft drinks, anachronism, and stupid language tricks.

Her fandom interests in the non-meta sense include classic SF, children's lit, poetry, Christianity, Star Wars, Stargate, and Star Trek, Buffy, Firefly, Harry Potter, Highlander, the X-Files, the Doctor in all his numbers, House and Bones and Boston Legal, and comics of all kinds, including DCU, newspaper strips, and webcomics. She reads fanfic constantly, and never leaves feedback. This is not a matter of policy so much as a statement of fact. The fanfic she's written is mostly available at her Skyehawke account and her lj memories. She loves getting feedback, but understands if you don't send it, since she feels so horribly guilty about never writing any herself.

If you add her to your flist you will make her very happy, although she might be slightly skeeved until she figures out *why* you added her. So if it's not obvious why, you might want to say something. She'll probably add you back as soon as she notices you, as long as your journal is readable (the main criteria being that it's written in something resembling English [or Spanish or Latin], and isn't apt to engulf her flist in spam).

If she adds you to her flist, it's because she temporarily got over her shyness about adding people, and you seemed admirable and unlikely to smite her in response. She rarely flocks anything. She lurks as an avocation, often while shrouded in an emerald-green cape.

Her mom reads this lj.

Her teddy bear, K.B., has a secret life as Drop-Bear, masked defender of cryptozoological castaways. She has a secret life as necreavit, who is supposedly a writer.

Dethrone your pasts:
This done, day comes up new
Though empty-hearted:
O the long silence, my son!

(Surak, the Last Stave)


Nam castum esse decet pium poetam
Ipsum versiculos nihil necesse est.

Catullus 16

alphabets, antiquities, aristophanes, arithmancy, art, arthurian romance, asceticism, asexuality, bees, being a woman, bibliology, books, britcoms, btvs, cats, charms, chesapeake bay history, cloaks, cmst, comic books, comic strips, conalphs, crfh, cryptology, cryptozoology, democrats, diane duane, dvorak, earth, everything2, evil dumbledore, falsifying statistics, fanfiction, fanglomerates, fantasy, fictional games, fictionalley, flea markets, fleegix, flintknapping, folklore, form poetry, fountain pens, freedom of speech, geography, geology, goblin rebellion novels, greek, h. p. lovecraft, hacker culture, harry potter, hats, highlander, history, ineffability, j. r. r. tolkien, jaywalking, juvy sf, keenspot, kid lit, knitting, koalas, language, latin, licking rocks, linux, literature, loitering, lutherans, magic, mark evans, maryland, mythology, obfuscation, oracular pigs, oral history, paleontology, pantheistic multiperson solipsism, peace, phil harris, philology, poetry, polyphasic sleep, practical science, proto-indo-european, pseudoscience, pterry, pulps, quills, quilting, regional soft drinks, rihannsu, ritual, rocks, science fiction, set, shared worlds, slash, snow, solitaire, solitude, sorcery, spanish, speculative fiction, squirrels, star trek, star wars, stargate, state twenty-six, static shock, stories, storytelling, streams, string figures, t. s. eliot, terraforming, tesseracts, the doctor, the meaning of life, the primordial ass, trespassing, typewriters, unreliable narrators, webcomics, weeds, wizardry, writing, x-files, yoi