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The big giant hunk was all Aaron.

SG-1 was awesome, and Teal'c needs to treat Vala to a Star Wars marathon.

Speaking of Star Wars, sister and I both *simultaneousy* said 'Offworld!Elizabeth looks like a Star Wars character!' followed several seconds later by 'She looks like Leia pretending to be a smuggler/she looks like Boushh!'

So it follows logically then that Elizabeth is Vala's granddaughter, and John is her secret twin brother. yep. And she's going to marry Rodney and they'll have lots of little Ancient children.

(Oooh, the One Ring just sank into Mount Doom!)

Oh, and that ship? We bet you 10 credits that the hyperdrive breaks at a climactic moment. (ETA: Rodney was totally going to name it the Falcon, omg! squee!)

Also, in light of this week's SGA, the Proklarush Taonas thing begins to make (a tiny, tiny little bit of) sense.
tj plotting

Fic. (ish. thing.)

This is for siegeofangels, in appreciation for the Valentine's ficlets she's been posting, all of which are *extremely* awesome, and for a good cause. (Especially amazing are the fourth one and the sixth one and the seventh one and the eighth one. Although she can probably guess which one pricked my plot bunnies. q-:)

Fandom: SGA
Notes: Short. The pairing is "John and Rodney are OMGsomarried"; no content warnings. SGA is not mine, and neither is the other half of the pastiche.
Summary: This ficlet is brought to you by the Ketchup Advisory Board.

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