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Con.txt was great fun! I haven't updated about it yet for two reasons:

The first one is that I came home on Sunday night, got back online, and all over my flist I found Collapse ) And that was something completely the opposite of con.txt, and the people at con.txt, in every way, and I didn't want to contaminate my squee. (Why did she have to post it *that* weekend? OMG conspiracy!)

The second reason is the complete Highlander on VHS that I brought home from the swap table at the con. (Well, it was missing a few episodes from Season 3, including the first one with what-his-name, the guy with the big nose), but seriously, NOT COMPLAINING. Collapse ) So I spent most of yesterday, when not engaged in schoolwork, watching videotapes and squeeing quietly to myself.

As for something resembling Collapse ): Con Committee, though I have no standard to judge by, you did an amazing and awesome job as first-timers (and for this first-timer). It all went flawlessly as far as I could see, and I had a really, really great time.

Also, I think I had the weirdest hairdo of anybody at the con, which I was really not expecting, because fangirls=weird in my limited experience. But I forgot how many old-style slash fen are used to working undercover, I guess. Well, anybody who remembers the girl who talked too much in panels and had her hair done up in pirate braids with Canadian pennies in them will know it was me.
tj plotting

I really ought to put a useful title here.

I just stuck the fanfic I was working on today onto my necreavit account, while I try to figure out if I'm ready to spread it around at large. It's Batman/Highlander crossover genfic, about 3500 words, and it's a crossover style I've never written before (and rarely seen written at all) - the amalgamverse kind, where nearly everybody is a blend two different characters, one from each of the two fandoms, and the universes' rules and backstory are similarly smushed. I'd really appreciate if anybody who's even passingly familiar with both fandoms would go and tell me if it makes any kind of sense at all.

I may start using necreavit more, by the way, if I don't get moving and fix my laptop's internet; it makes it much easier to write when I'm swapping back and forth between computers.

Um, lessee. Also, I now have all of our YA (not counting the special collections) in LibraryThing - I've been at the downstair computer, which is also where those books are, so hey! Kismet! (1333 and maybe halfway done now.)

Also, I have figured out who my new haircut makes me look like. It is *exactly* the same look as this superheroine's. . . can I cosplay a GLA member with the JLA group? Please? *g*